Social Bruises

A branch of HateBrakers that specifically focuses on the continuous social abuse inflicted by and towards women. This project called Social Bruises is currently being developed by a group of young, determined women: Morgan Bradley, Sontsa Spring, Zvezda Spring, and Sophia Winfrey.

Social Bruises are seeking to end this brutal cycle amongst young women.This project strives to reach out to local schools, organizations, and after-school clubs in order to promote discussion and personal development amongst young women.

Mission: We aim to shed light on the silent toxic cycle of insecurity, degradation, resentment, and hatred inflicted towards other women and themselves. By informing young women of these unconscious and conscious acts of cruelty and hatred, we can mend and heal centuries of social bruises inflicted towards one another as well as focus on the personal development of young women. The roles women play in these acts are interchangeable and are always shifting from situation to situation. Instead of demonizing women and past acts of hate, we seek to humanize perpetrators, victims, and bystanders. We give young women the opportunity to become HateBrakers by interviewing one another, recounting personal encounters with hatred, and exploring issues like:

  • Gossip
  • Dismissing
  • Ignoring
  • Slut-shaming
  • Body-shaming
  • Social Media Cruelty

Through socratic seminars and video/audio interviews, women will be able to proudly define themselves as leaders, healers, and heroes instead of being defined by past acts of hatred as perpetrators, victims, and witnesses.

This project needs the help of the community in order to mend, educate, inspire, and empower our young women, so we need the support and dedicated volunteers to make this become a reality for all women.

If you wish to get involved with this project or want Social Bruises to come talk or present at your school, club, or organization, email us at or call 314.616.6535.