Nominate a HateBraker


We all learn from examples. At HateBrakers, we celebrate people who’ve had experiences that range from bullying to genocide, who have found the moral courage to hit the brakes on hate instead of becoming haters themselves.

HateBrakers highlights their stories in several ways, including our exclusive video series “Close-Up Conversations” our Annual HateBraker Hero Awards, our resource guide Meet A Hero, Be A Hero: HateBraking 101.

Do you know someone who leads by example or who has found the moral courage to interrupt the hate-breeds-hate? We would like to know what this individual has overcome, and how they are leading and healing others through their experience, to prevent that trauma from impacting others.

Hero Nomination

    • Tell us what makes the Nominee a HateBraker.
    • Tell the story in as much detail as you can
    • Background - Describe his/her upbringing (if possible) and current life
    • Personality - Is he/she outgoing or reserved, fearless or living in the shadow of fear?
    • What else makes him/her interesting?
    • How did he/she hit the brakes on hate?
    • Was it a single act or something ongoing?
  • Nominator Information
  • We may contact you for further information and/or clarifications.