Meet A Hero, Be A Hero

This educator’s packet includes “Meet A Hero, Be A Hero” videos – personal and very real accounts of individuals who experienced and/or perpetrated acts of hate in their own lives, and are now encouraging others to interrupt the cycle of hate as they experienced it so personally. These videos, along with suggested curricular follow-up, will spark active and honest discussions in your classrooms and schools. Not just for a day or a week, but we hope for months and perhaps longer. These important discussions can lead to real change. Let us not be bystanders to the continuation of a brutal cycle. HateBrakers stimulates courageous conversations inside and outside of our classrooms. Let us provide our students with positive role models who have been victims, perpetrators, and witnesses to the damaging effects of hate crimes and actions who became change-makers. This video resource guide addresses themes from abuse to bullying to race-baiting to scapegoating to genocide, highlighting moral courage in the face of acts of hate. This educational program for sixth to twelfth graders spotlights individuals who have experienced acts of hate as either targets, witnesses, or perpetrators. Each one used that experience with hate as a springboard to make change and became a model of civility. We partner with classroom teachers to present short videos that highlight these HateBrakers who found the moral courage to become leaders and healers.They demonstrate rich alternatives to persisting as haters or bystanders.Teachers facilitate discussions and activities designed to help students explore issues and themes evoked by the testimonials. “Meet a Hero, Be a Hero” empowers students to find courage through adversity and become leaders themselves. Last year, a Survey Monkey follow-up of thirty thousand viewers of HateBrakers videos found that a large majority began to see themselves as potential changemakers. “Meet a Hero, Be a Hero” has been intentionally designed to provide flexibility to educators who will use the program in a classroom setting. Eight videos are included in the program, with each video highlighting a HateBraker. HateBrakers provides tools to individuals and organizations to interrupt the otherwise predictable cycle of hate-breeds-hate.

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Sample HateBraker Interviews


Post-Lesson Survey

  • Did you make your students write responses to the questions? Did you have your students openly discuss a few of the questions? Please give us a detailed description of how you presented the video interviews to your class.
  • Please provide any positive or negative feedback that you believe would be helpful in improving our educational guide.