Listening To Each Other

HateBrakers conducts numerous in-depth interviews about a variety forms of hatred. We find that people aren’t just a perpetrator, victim, or witness, for they have played the roles interchangeably. However, a HateBraker is a person who views an act of hate as motivation to better themselves and the world to make sure it doesn’t happen again to someone else. Perpetrators can become leaders, victims can become healers, and witnesses can become heroes.

When students conduct interviews with one another it diminishes the demonization, stereotyping, resentment, and hate in the learning environment. Get your students involved in HateBrakers by having them interview one another. We encourage students from all ages: elementary, middle school, high school, and college students to interview one another about being a perpetrator, victim, and/or bystander in an act of hate. They can go into depth about how they have been all three and the impact it hatred has had on them. The quality of the interviews won’t hinder the content of the interviews. If your school doesn’t have access to film equipment like video cameras or iPads, we would still appreciate reading the dialogue from the interview and what the students learned.

NOTE: Get students who don’t normally talk to one another interview each other. You’d be surprised of how a class of students blooms into a closer community.

Questions can consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Basic Background
  • Encounters with hatred. Hatred can be: bullying, discrimination, criminal acts, racism, sexism, ignoring, domestic violence, verbal abuse, sexual violence, etc.
  • Roles the individual played in any given act of hatred: Were you the perpetrator (bully), victim, or witness?
  • How did this act of hatred impact the individual? Does it define you or motivate you to make a change?
  • How is the individual working to make sure it doesn’t happen again to anyone?
  • Are they working in the community as a leader, healer, or hero? If not, what will they do to become one?
  • Are they striving to become a HateBraker? Do they view themselves as a HateBraker?
  • What can they recommend to the audience about braking the cycle of hate?

Interview Submission

  • Please tell us how this interview has impacted you and the way you see people. Has this increased your understanding of others? Made you less likely to judge others? Did you connect with the person?
    Would you like your video to be posted on our website, in an educational prgoram, Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, or any other forms of public usage and viewing? If not, we appreciate you sharing your video with us and it will not be used or re-posted in any form. We respect your wishes to remain confidential.
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  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, mp4, mov.
    You can upload a transcript or video of your interview with the person and your thoughts about what you learned. NOTE: if the video is too large, feel free to email it to us or share it on Google Drive.