4th Annual HateBraker Hero Awards


Thank you to all that joined us for an incredible evening with our HateBraker Heroes! Check back as we will be updating with photos and videos of the event!

Old Bonhomme Elementary


OLD BONHOMME ELEMENTARY STUDENTS were watching their crossing guard stop traffic so children could cross safely. Suddenly, an impatient driver began shouting racial slurs at the guard and another driver joined in. Students were horrified and then responded by making signs—“No place for hate,” “Mean words hurt,” “Choose to be kind,” and have been demonstrating on the sidewalk at pick-up time.

See the story on Fox 2 News


Amy Ruth Shapiro

Amy Ruth Shapiro


AMY RUTH SHAPIRO’s brain tumor was removed when she was four, leaving her with severe learning disabilities. Taunted and teased, she considered suicide until she grasped her own strength and power. Now at work on her second college degree despite being counseled she’d never make it, she’s at work to change the way schools treat disabled children and their families.


Li Ern Chen

Li Ern Chen


LI ERN CHEN trained in surgery at Washington University and Barnes in St. Louis. As student, resident, intern and top surgeon overseeing twelve hospitals, she has experienced, confronted and reformed institutionalized bullying and hazing. Her reforms in the medical workplace, particularly in surgery, have reduced errors and benefited professionals and patients alike.



Neal Broffman & Elisa Gambino

Neal Broffman &    Elisa Gambino


NEAL BROFFMAN AND ELISA GAMBINO saw on a friend’s Facebook page that she was desperately searching for her brother, Sunil. When the posts changed from loving encouragement to race-based cyber-hate, Neal and Elisa made a documentary about beloved Sunil and his courageous, heartbroken family.


One Production Place (Neal & Elisa) generously created and supplied the HateBraker video found on our website.





Ronald Simpson-Bey


RONALD SIMPSON-BEY, after his only son was murdered on his way to visit him in prison for Father’s Day, lobbied successfully for the fourteen-year-old killer to be tried not as an adult, but as a juvenile. Today Simpson-Bey —whose sentence was reversed after 27 years because he’d been wrong-fully convicted–is a celebrated leader in the national campaign to reform the American prison system. JustLeadershipUSA.org



Lizzie Sider

LIZZIE SIDER received the 2014 Peter Yarrow HateBraker award at fifteen. After HateBrakers introduced her to fellow Hero Peter Yarrow, she sang with him in concert — loud and strong, her long hair swinging –like she was channeling Mary Travers. Lizzie has performed her own Bully Prevention Assembly at more than 350 elementary and middle schools since she was here last. The 35-minute video of her live assembly is now available to all elementary and middle schools in the U.S . Her active music and acting career continues. And she’s just seventeen.


Lizzie’s Interview on Fox 2 News